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2020 holiday arrangement announced tourism is positive

Date: 2019-11-22

On November 21 afternoon, the State Council general office issued a notice on part of the holiday arrangement in 2020, New Year's day next year off for 1 day, 5 days labor day holiday, National Day and Mid-Autumn festival even put eight days.This is the size of the long holiday policy over the years, the first time in five days of May Day, means that the domestic tourism market next year will have a major positive.

In 2007, the State Council to revise the national festival fete have a holiday method ", adjust the May Day holiday from seven days to three days.The May Day holiday this year 1 day, on the basis of 3 days in the four days, effectively stimulated the national people's travel demand.After flying pigs, according to data released this year May Day arrangement, international hotel one hour surged by 222% than the same period a week before, international air ticket two hours jumped 150%, domestic hotel and ticket booking also rose by 50% to 120%.Netizens are calling this phenomenon is "news".

According to the culture and tourism comprehensively, the May Day holiday this year, domestic tourism reception of the total number of 195 million people across the country, according to the comparable diameter growth of 13.7%, implement tourism income of 117.67 billion yuan.This year's National Day holiday, the reception of domestic tourists 782 million person-time, up 7.81% from a year earlier, domestic tourism income of 649.71 billion yuan.

2020 message again to stimulate people's vacation tourism impulse, news release, people couldn't wait to start next year to schedule.Where net, according to data released 2020 holiday arrangement within an hour, the platform ticket searches, including international air ticket search volume has increased by 5 times.

Ctrip also reflects a similar situation, news in an hour, ctrip travel app entry "Spring Festival", "new" keyword search consulting volume surged 250%, there are a lot of consumer online consultation May 1 next year, the exit the long National Day of tour products.

Where, according to data from the site during the period of "May Day" search popular destinations are mainly concentrated in Osaka, Chiang mai.During the period of "11" popular destinations are mainly concentrated in Brasilia, Athens, Barcelona.Thus, during the May Day, domestic travel distance about four hours of neighboring countries is more popular;To eleven, exit long swim will be released.

For the moment closer in the New Year's day, Spring Festival, many people have a good trip.Ctrip, according to New Year's day there will be a large number of users to use annual leave holiday travel.Look from orders for domestic travel, outbound travel line, between 20 to 45 years old working groups account for more than 50%, to 80, 90, after is given priority to, mostly paid vacation tourism, South Asia and warm the island line is the most popular.And of the Spring Festival is the "family", the current application of outbound travel, more than sixty percent are families with children or parents.

Ctrip statistics show that the current booking orders for New Year's day, Spring Festival, more than 70% is to choose the outbound travel products.The most popular with Chinese tourists countries are Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Italy, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.

Hornet's nest, head of the tourism research center Feng Rao analyzes believed that in the past few years, "golden week" and "small long vacation" to promote Chinese tourists traveling consumption has a positive influence.Holiday in 2020 set up four different length, the holiday arrangement on innovation, let the holiday economy has more possibilities.

"Stepwise holiday arrangement, combined with the length of can more precisely, activate the tourism consumption potential, able to adapt to the short drive and high iron swim, long-haul leisure travel and long holidays such as different travel demand.Let visitors at the same time, this holiday arrangements are able to spell false travel, more flexible to a certain extent, alleviate the pressure of concentrated National Day golden week travel."Feng Rao said.